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crusher plant price list

Jaw mobile crusher, also called jaw mobile crusher station and mobile jaw crusher, is a new rock crusher developed and launched by our company. Different from the traditional jaw crusher, this new jaw mobile crusher can easily and flexibly go to the site for crushing.

Other products
  • Pebble crusher

    Pebble crusher is mainly used in the second or third section of the pebble crushing production line. The crushed pebbles are finer, more uniform and of high application taste.

  • Road jaw crusher

    Jaw crusher for environmental protection highway is widely used in the crushing and processing of more than 300 kinds of materials, such as granite, basalt, diabase, calcite, marble, quartzite, iron ore, copper ore, manganese ore, pebble, etc.

  • Stone crusher

    As the name implies, the stone crusher is a high-yield fine crushing equipment for processing stones. As a new high-yield fine crushing equipment, especially for stone materials, it is three times better than other fine crushing equipment.

  • Vertical shaft stone compound crusher

    The vertical axis stone compound crusher is generally used for stone processing. The equipment is mainly used for the secondary or tertiary crushing of the material. The crushed products are mostly cubes, which meet the sand standard.

  • Hammer type ultrafine crusher

    The hammer type ultra-fine crusher is a kind of equipment which uses the hammer head to crush. The finished product has the advantages of convenient particle size adjustment, strong crushing capacity, high taste and fine particle size.

  • Phosphate rock jaw crusher

    Phosphate rock jaw crusher is commonly used in a section of crushing process of phosphate ore crushing production line. The crushing ratio of phosphate rock jaw crusher is large and its crushing capacity is strong.

  • Jaw crusher

    Jaw crusher is a kind of mechanical crushing equipment which is specialized in crushing all kinds of stones. Its working principle is simple, its compressive strength is high, and its crushing strength is large, which is essential in the field of ore crushing and processing.

  • Counterattack crusher

    As the name implies, the equipment that can be used for fine crushing processing by using the counterattack is mature in technology, reliable in performance, widely applicable and popular with users.

  • Quartz cone crusher

    Quartz cone crusher is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, road building, chemical industry, concrete, power plant and other processing fields. There are many kinds of crushing ores.

  • Mobile impact crushing station

    Red Star machine manufacturers can provide you with a variety of models and specifications of mobile impact crusher equipment, reliable quality, price concessions, welcome to this aspect of the needs of customers to consult.

  • Counter roll coal breaker

    The counter roll crusher is suitable for crushing medium and high hardness materials in metallurgy, building materials, refractories and other industrial sectors. The 2pg700 × 400 counter roll crusher has a good effect on sand making for pebbles.

  • Large roll crusher

    The large roll crusher is a series of roll crushers. The main existing ones on the market are counter roll crusher, toothed roll crusher or four roll crusher. These kinds of equipment have complete models, strong crushing force, many kinds of applicable materials, with two functions of crushing and screening, and overload protection device, ensuring the safety and reliability of production.

  • Limestone single stage crusher

    Limestone is widely used in industrial construction or other chemical industries, and plays an important role. Generally, limestone production line is used for its processing and use. Among them, the basic processing technology is crushing. The recommended limestone single-stage crusher here.

  • Sludge crusher

    The effective treatment of sludge, on the one hand, can solve the environmental pollution, on the other hand, it can also be used to produce economic benefits. Due to the large moisture content of sludge, it is better to use a two-stage crusher to crush the sludge. Because the sludge crusher uses a screen grate bottom, there is no strict requirement on the moisture content of materials, and the production capacity is also large.

  • Hammer pulverizer

    The hammer coal pulverizer is applicable to the main equipment for pulverizing coal and wet coal. The equipment is mainly composed of box body, rotor, hammer head, reaction lining plate, sieve plate, etc. the structure of the whole machine is simple and reasonable, and the operation is stable. According to the user's requirements, the gap between the castor bars can be adjusted, and the discharging granularity can be changed to meet the different needs of different users.

  • Counterattack high yield fine crusher

    The high-yield fine crusher is mainly composed of reaction plate device, side lining plate, reaction plate, front lining plate device, sieve plate device and upper and lower shell. The whole machine is suitable for many kinds of materials, simple process, simple structure and convenient maintenance. It is widely used in highway, railway, construction and other fields, high-yield and energy-saving, with investment prospects.

  • Mobile building waste crushing station

    The mobile building waste crushing station is composed of crushing screening station, belt conveyor, etc. the crushing stations at all levels are an independent work unit, which can fulfill their respective responsibilities, and the belt conveyor is responsible for the material transfer and stacking between the crushing stations. The mobile building waste crushing station produced by our company has complete varieties, series specifications, large choice, and can meet the needs of users. It is suitable for the operation of mobile stone materials such as metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, hydropower, highway, railway, etc.

  • Superfine crusher

    Superfine crusher is aimed at other crushing equipment, whose crushing particle size is finer. It is an advanced superfine crusher. The heavy-duty fine crusher is a new generation product developed by absorbing and digesting the advanced technology at home and abroad and combining with the specific industrial and mining conditions of domestic related industries.

  • Shale single section crusher

    Shale single-stage crusher is a specialized equipment for crushing shale materials. According to the shortcomings of the previous crushing equipment and the nature of shale materials, the company has added new technical concepts and successfully replaced the traditional three-stage crushing operation system.

  • Opposite roller ore crusher

    The roller crusher is mainly composed of roller, roller support bearing, pressing and adjusting device and driving device. A wedge or gasket adjusting device is installed between the two roller wheels, and an adjusting bolt is installed on the top of the wedge device. When the adjusting bolt pulls the wedge upward, the wedge pushes the movable roller wheel away from the fixed wheel, that is, the gap between the two roller wheels becomes larger, and the discharging particle size becomes larger. When the wedge is downward, the gap between the two roller wheels becomes smaller and the discharging particle size becomes smaller under the action of the compression spring.

  • Granite jaw crusher

    As a good stone, granite is widely used in architecture and has a bright future. The granite jaw crusher is an ideal equipment for crushing the material. The equipment is a double pendulum jaw crusher with overload protection function. In the process of crushing, the equipment further enhances its safety.

  • Impact crusher

    The impact crusher is also known as the impact crusher. The equipment is designed with relatively new manufacturing technology, and the processed products are mostly cubes, with fairly good particle shape, without tension and cracks. And the adjustment of discharge port also makes its crushing specifications diversified, with light design and crushing effect of quality and quantity

  • Dolomite vertical composite breaking

    The vertical composite crusher of dolomite is a new type crusher developed and manufactured by company based on the characteristics of dolomite and the traditional vertical composite crusher, which has large crushing force and strong crushing capacity.

  • Cement clinker crusher

    Cement clinker crusher is a kind of fine crushing equipment developed and produced by according to the characteristics of cement clinker. In the process of processing cement clinker, the crushing efficiency is much higher than that of powder mill.

  • Coal mine crusher

    The coal mine crusher is a new generation of crushing equipment with advanced level, which is developed by technical personnel combining the advanced crushing technology at home and abroad.

  • Mobile jaw crusher

    Jaw mobile crusher, also called jaw mobile crusher station and mobile jaw crusher, is a new rock crusher developed and launched by our company. Different from the traditional jaw crusher, this new jaw mobile crusher can easily and flexibly go to the site for crushing.

  • Clinker hammer crusher

    The clinker hammer crusher uses the high-speed impact of the hammer head to carry out medium and fine crushing of the clinker. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, uniform discharge particle size, less over broken materials and low energy consumption.

  • Slag hammer crusher

    Slag hammer crusher is a main crushing equipment for slag materials. It is obtained from the structural reform and innovation of hammer crusher on the basis of summarizing and drawing advanced technology of foreign sample making equipment. It has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, uniform discharging particle size, and can select and reserve sieve plates according to different needs of users. It is an ideal crushing equipment for mining, cement, building materials and other industries Ready.

  • Impacting-hammer crusher

    Impact hammer crusher is a new product carefully designed by company on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. It uses the impact energy produced by hammerhead to crush materials, which can be used in Pan building materials, ore crushing, railway, highway, energy, transportation, energy, cement, mining, chemical industry and other industries for medium and fine crushing materials.

  • High yield jaw crusher

    High yield jaw crusher is improved and innovated on the basis of traditional jaw crusher. It has high crushing strength and high crushing ratio. It is called "big brother" in crushing field. The successful development of high-yield jaw crusher provides a new idea and scheme for material treatment, and an effective way to realize "more crushing and less grinding", energy saving and consumption reduction, which has a broad application prospect and great use value.

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